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Here's How We Used Fuckbook Search To Get Laid In Under 45 Minutes (2021 Lockdown Story)

Lockdown has been hard on us all, especially us singletons. Personally, I spent the first few months glued to Pornhub with a box of tissues next to me, and for a while, that was enough. But like a lot of adults, I started to get cranky. I wanted to hook up with someone, anyone. In fact, I even tried granny fuckbook when I got tired of trying with younger women. Well, after every mainstream dating site let me down, I found something that quenched the lockdown blues; quenched it in the form of easy sex. Let me tell you the story of how Fuckbook got me laid during lockdown.

Tinder Failed Me

Everyone uses Tinder, right? Well, apparently not. I spent every night on that stupid app, talking crap with various girls in the vain hope they'd offer me round for a quick meet n' fuck. Nope. Nothing. Even though we were all stuck in the same boat, none of them were willing to get together for a cheeky hookup. Hell, they weren't even willing to go out for a socially-distanced date. Look, I'll be the first to admit I'm not the best looking dude in the world. But all of the chicks I spoke to would say shit like 'I'm just not up for meeting guys at the minute.' If that's true, then bitch, get off the dating sites! By this point, I'd devoured any and every porn website I could get my grubby paws on. But it wasn't enough. I needed something more. I had to search elsewhere.

Fuckbook Saved Me

I told my friend that I was having a hard time dealing with the lack of sex coming my way. Then, he let me into a secrt, and suddenly, everything changed for me. He gave me some advice. He told me to stop wasting my time on Tinder and use a real fuck site instead. Then he linked me to a site called Fuckbook, which he told me was a 'fuck app'. Truthfully, I'd never heard of a 'fuck app' before. I'd heard of sex apps and sex sites, but calling something a 'fuck app' seemed very... direct. Well, duh. That was exactly the point, he told me. I was dubious at first. I did a little research about fuck sites and they just didn't seem legit to me. I thought they were just designed to steal your data. And in my experience, girls love playing the dating game. They love being doted on and shown attention and affection. I've never met a woman who was happy to advertise how available she was for a hookup. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Fuckbook Blew Me Away

What the heck, I thought, let's give this thing a go. I signed up for a Fuckbook account, expecting it to be a little bit of fun and nothing more. I upgraded my membership, uploaded a few photos and had a quick search. At first, all I found was fake profile after fake profile. I got about five messages with chicks 'from my area,' all of whom came at me with a different sexual offer. No strings meet n fuck, blowjob in a parking lot, a little fun behind a local bowling alley. Yeah right, as if I'd get this much activity from Members right away. So, for a laugh, I responded to everyone with a little offer of my own. Then, one by one, the replies started rolling in. 'Sounds good, can you do 7pm?' 'What time do you want to meet n' get down to business?' 'My husband will be back in a few hours, so staying over is off the menu.' What. The. Fuck. There was no way all this activity was genuine, right?

I Met My Perfect Fuck Buddy

God damn, these people were real - and they all want to fuck me. I could barely believe it. It felt like I'd just discovered a superpower I didn't know I had. I browsed a few more profiles to see if I could catch any bigger fish, and that's when I came across the member who blew my fucking mind. She was this sexy little Mediterranean chick from my area. I looked through her profile and not only did she have the same interests as me, she had the same fetishes too. So, I made her an offer. I told her she was the hottest chick in the world and that I'd give anything for a night of unbridled, passionate sex with her. She made me a return offer, but it was in the form of photos. Then she told me she was only on Fuckbook for hookups, and if that was fine by her, then we could meet n' fuck that very night. At last, hookups were back on the menu.

I Got Laid Within 45 Minutes

I'd set up my Fuck Book profile less than an hour before, and I'd already got results. Incredible results at that. All it took was an easy little Fuckbook search. So, I met up with this mysterious Fuckbook member whose profile had so easily swayed me. I got to her house, and things escalated pretty rapidly. We didn't waste any time. We didn't talk about our interests, our stock options or any of that boring shit. We just had sex. All I knew about this broad was her age and that she was a wild fuck. What a result. Finally, my lockdown blues were gone, and all it took was a Fuck Book profile. Afterwards, we swapped contacts details, and we've had sex many more times since then. Put simply, we're fuckbuddies now. Easy as that.

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I know many people will be reading this and wondering how true my story is, but there's an easy way to find out. Get a Fuck Book membership yourself and browse all the horny users in your city. So, if your curisoty is piqued, let me tell you a little more about this hookup app. All my friends have profiles on here, and their friends do too. In order to get sex on a whim, this is the only adult sex site you could ever need.

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