Is Fuckbook Legit? Full Fuckbook Review For 2021

The name should tell you everything you need to know. Fuckbook is a place for real people to find easy local hookups. The site guarantees it will get you laid in record time, and much faster than any other dating site ever could.

Sure, every dating site makes similar claims, but surely one of them must be legit, right? Well don't worry, because we've done the hard work for you. We tested Fuckbook extensively to ensure it could deliver on its promises. We've spent ample time on the site, testing every little feature and chatting to all of the users we could.

How does Fuckbook compare to other hookup sites? Does it back up its claims of providing easy sex? Read on for our full Fuckbook review.

(Fuckbook review is written by an impartial reviewer. We're not affiliated with Fuckbook in any way).

Table of Contents

This Fuckbook review is broken down into the following order:

  • First Impressions

  • Registration Process

  • Features

  • User Base

  • Search Functionality

  • Membership, Pricing & Details

  • Pros

  • Cons

  • Overall

First Impressions

Fuckbook has a great look. There's no doubt about it. With its classy pink and black color scheme, the website screams elegance and professionalism. Its layout is pretty standard, which makes it very striking and easy on the eyes.

The homescreen will prompt you to create an account, and after you do, you'll be taken to the members homescreen. From that point, the first thing you'll see on Fuckbook is the huge selection of women currently on the prowl in your area. Their profile pictures are scattered across the top of the screen, a little like your suggested friends list on Facebook.

Fuckbook doesn't pull any punches. There's some obvious sexual imagery going on, with the home screen sporting a gorgeous blonde girl on her hands and knees. This is absolutely fine, of course. It lets any new members know exactly what Fuckbook is about, and goes a long way to explain why Fuckbook is the most active and efficient hookup website on the market.

There's some advertising content loitering around the outskirts of the site, most of which are for various similar dating sites in the Fuckbook franchise (MILF Fuckbook, BBW Fuckbook, etc) and social networking sites. They're not so distracting that you can't just ignore them though.

Overall, first impressions were good. There was nothing majorly off-putting from the get-go.

Registration Process

If you try clicking anywhere before making an account, you'll be prompted to go through the sign up process. Unless you have an account, you can't do much on the site, even browse the potential ladies available. You can see their profile pictures but nothing more.

Luckily, signing up to the site is simple and takes all of 60 seconds. All you need is an email address, a user name and you're ready to go.

When it comes to filling out your profile, you don't have to input any real personal information if you don't want to. Just upload a profile picture, fill out a small bio and put your age in. That's it. Your real name isn't required. There are a few drop-down boxes which are optional to fill out too (we'll go into more detail about them later in the review).

It's a good idea to mention some of your interests in your profile, since Fuckbook will match members based on keywords in their profiles. So, if you're dying to meet people who love devouring cookies the same as you do, be sure to comment about it.

You're free to upload up to 12 pictures, but most site members only put up 3 or 4; enough to get a sample of what they look like without giving too much away. Video content isn't allowed in profiles.


Every modern dating site uses the match system made famous by Tinder. However, Fuckbook does nothing of the sort. Instead, it incorporates the classic dating site approach; scrolling, looking through profiles and messaging any members who take your fancy.

You're free to browse profiles as you see fit, which includes seeing all their profile photos, their bios and their locations. You can search through members by a number of filters, including location nearest to you, age, body type a lot more.

As you can imagine, pretty much everyone on this website is just looking for sex. They don't expect deep conversation or romantic openers. All you need to do these girls know you're interested in a hookup and take it from there.

That's why one of the standout features of Fuckbook is the Icebreaker feature. This nifty little gimmick sends one of a hundred randomized chat messages to your potential hookup partner. This means you don't have to put any effort in yourself. It gets their attention and lets them know you're into them.

There's a question-and-answers feature where you can impart your opinion on various topics. This is another way that the site will match you with other members.

As far as features go, Fuckbook doesn't have much other option. Everything else is pretty barebones. You scroll, find members and start exchanging messages. Simple and convenient.

User Base

One major thing that Fuckbook has going for it is the sheer number of members on here. When you scroll through profiles, you'll rarely come across as the same one twice.

While Fuckbook has a ton of members in the US, Canada and UK, there's actually people from all over the world on here. No matter where you're located, you're pretty much guaranteed to find like-minded adults on Fuckbook. There's something about the simplicity of the website which draws people in and keeps them here.

When it comes to the guy-to-girl ratio, the guys slightly take the edge on Fuckbook. But with so many members, it's barely noticable at all.

On a dating site of this magnitude, it's inevitable you'll get a number of fake profiles. Yes, you might run into the odd scam profile now and again, but they're easily weeded out. You can recognize fake profiles by two major things. The first is that their profile picture will usually be of a famous porn star or internet model. The second is that their profile bio will be completely blank.

In stark contrast, most of the ladies on this site put a ton of effort into their Fuckbook presence. Even though they're all here to hookup, the website algorithm favors completed profiles, which means they're often found at the top of the search list. This is something to keep in mind when filling out your own profile.

Search Functionality

Going back to the search capabilities of the site for a second, Fuck Book has something unique, at least as far as vanilla sex sites go.

In your profile, there's a drop-down box to choose your preferred fetish. Of course, you can leave this blank if you wish, but if you do have a certain kink, it's a good idea to mention it.

You have the option to search users based on these kinky preferences. So if you're looking for someone to go swinging with, you'll be able to find it without having to ask everyone you message if they're into swinging.

Some of the potential choices include: BDSM, cuckolding, domination, hotwifing, leather fetish, smoking fetish, swinging, and voyeurism. This is just a short list. The actual drop down list is quite extensive. There's some content on there you might never have heard of before, so you might need to do a little Googling.

It's also a pretty good indicator of how a person is going to be in the bedroom. If their profile says that they're into the hardcore BDSM stuff, you know you're in for a wild ride.

On the whole, most Fuck Book users seem to be on the vanilla side. The number of people with 'vanilla' in their profile far outnumber any other kink mentioned on the site.

Membership, Pricing & Details

Unfortunately, Fuckbook isn't free. If you want to enjoy the full user experience, you'll have to spare a little money for the paid membership package. However, it's totally worth it in the long run. If you try and view any site member without upgrading, you'll be taken to the Fuckbook payment page.

Don't be alarmed. Most dating site membership packages require you to pull out your credit card. Aside from Tinder and OKCupid, very few dating sites are free.

With the standard membership, you'll be able to do three things:

  • Create a Fuckbook account

  • Browse members profiles

  • Search for other members

But with a paid membership, you'll have access to a lot more features. Including:

  • Send unlimited messages

  • Leave comments on other users pages

  • Video chat

  • Editors for your profile photos (filters, sharpened images, etc)

A paid membership will set you back around $29.95 per month, which isn't a lot, especially in comparison to site like Match or Adult Friend Finder (and don't get us started on the niche hookup sites like Whiplr). This is the same amount of money you'd spend for an hour on a cam site stream, so it's pretty reasonable in our opinion.

You also have the option to pay $14.95 every two weeks if that's preferable to you. You can cancel your membership at any time.

The question is - is the paid membership worth it? Will it result in sex?

Yes, almost certainly. In our experience, Fuckbook is one of the few sex sites worth shelling out for. There's a lot of women wandering around on this site, and if $29.95 gives you access to them all, then it's an easy decision to make.


There are plenty of pros to get through here, so let's go through them one at a time.

Going right back to the beginning, signing up for a Fuckbook account is a simple process. You don't have to go through age verification or anything like that. It's plug and play.

If you're not willing to upgrade your account right away, you're still free to browse through users to see the selection of women on offer. Window shopping is absolutely free, you just won't be able to send messages.

When you do upgrade your account, a world of opportunities will open up. The lack of a matchmaking or swipe system means you have the option to send messages to all of the women in your area. This will increase your chances of hooking up by a hell of a lot.

The reply rate from other users is very high, much higher than any other hookups website. There's something about the relaxed nature of Fuckbook that makes it users more willing to engage in conversation.

Unlike Tinder, the people on Fuckbook do genuinely want to get laid and nothing else. Almost every adult website out there is crammed with women who want actual dating and long-term relationships. Not on Fuckbook. It's a casual a site as they come.

The casual nature of Fuck Book also has implications elsewhere. Plenty of the profiles you'l find will include explicit pictures. Naked selfies are commonplace, so you'll be getting some free amateur porn passively as you browse the site.

The website doesn't steal your personal information. While the site knows your age and location, it doesn't require your real name to use. While you might see some ads, the site doesn't track cookies.


Fuckbook is a great all around hookup site, but it's not without its issues.

While Fuckbook keeps its website streamlined, we do wish there were a few more avenues to explore on the website. For example, sites like Adult Friend Finder and Fet Life have created communities to keep members engaged with one another.

While you might get the occasional blog post on the home page, we do wish there were chat rooms, forums or other ways to engage users outside of direct messages.

Another thing we didn't like (although some users might love it) is the reviews feature. If you've hooked up with someone, you can review your time with them and give them a rating out of ten. Sure, it helps people avoid the scam users and the toxic members, but leaving reviews for real people seems immoral.

While you might run into the occasional scam user, they're not as prevalent as they are on some dating sites. Even so, scammers will always send you a weird link in their messages, at which point you can just block them.


Our review rating for Fuckbook is 8.5 / 10.

The bottom line is this: if you want to get laid, Fuckbook will make it happen. You won't have to go through a million messages with women before you even get the chance to meet up in person. Casual sex is assumed right from the get-go.

You'll make a lot of new friends on this site, plenty of whom are looking for regular sex with a regular fuckbuddy. If that doesn't prompt you to open up your wallet, nothing will.

Fuckbook will open a world of sexual possibilities for you, no matter what city you're in in the world. Create an account and start seeing results today.

Try Tinder if you don't mind going through the whole dating nonsense with a girl, or if you're looking for something long term. Try Fuckbook if you just want to get down to business with minimal effort.

Thank you for reading our Fuckbook review. We hope it's helped you make your decision!